River Hill Heading

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Barry and Elaine Ducherer family

River Hill Farm is a family operation run by Barry and Elaine Ducherer along with daughter Carla, Mark and Bo and their son Cory and Katlin.  It is located in the Battle River valley between Maidstone and Neilburg, Saskatchewan.  Established first in 1975 as a mixed farming operation, it has grown to encompass the Speckle Park breed.

In 1995 we purchased our first Speckle Park heifer as a 4-H project for our daughter Carla.  Since then our herd has grown to 80 papered Speckle Park females.  We strive for calving ease, performance and easy fleshing animals.

We also run 100 head of commercial cows which we breed Speckle Park.  We have found the calves finish out at 650 to 750 lbs. carcasses with excellent marbling.

In 2005 we purchased the herd of Prairie Hill Ranch.

River Hill currently enjoy business relationships with breeders Canada wide as well as in Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland - exporting both embryos and semen.

Here at River Hill we pride ourselves on diversity and breeding that will fit anyones program.  Everyone is welcome for farm tours.